Virtual Couch Episode 46 – Co-parenting, Divorce and Blended Families w/Kristen & Ryan Jibson Remarried Therapists

Kristen and Ryan Jibson are both therapists working together in their private practice in Roseville, CA. You can learn more about them by visiting Initially after Kristen went through her divorce she realized that with 4 young children, she had to put the thought of future relationships on hold and focus on a way to provide for herself and her kids. Like most, divorced mother of 4 kids was a role that she never anticipated. Meanwhile, Ryan was going through a similar experience with his 3 young kids after divorce, doing all that he could to provide them with the support that they needed to excel not only in school but also socially, and in their various extra-curricular activities. Little did they know that they were living similar lives while attending church together for over a year. Their story is one that can truly provide hope for those who believe that having their own relationships post-divorce is impossible while trying to co-parent children. In this episode they tackle divorce, dating, co-parenting and they speak from the therapists point-of-view to give tips on how to successfully navigate the rough waters of co-parenting in a way that truly is best for the children.

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