Episode 60 – BONUS Tony on 3 in 30 Podcast for Mom’s on How to Praise Difficult Kids


In this bonus episode, Tony Overbay was a guest on Rachel Nielson’s podcast 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms. Rachel titled the episode “How to Praise Your Child When if Feels Like There Is Nothing to Praise.” Tony discusses the Nurtured Heart Approach and the four ways of positive acknowledgment. Tony and Rachel then discuss how to work through difficult parenting moments, and how to immediately shift the momentum in the home to help keep parents feeling more in control, while building up a child’s “inner wealth” without having the child feel like they have no consequences. Rachel does a fantastic job boiling down a topic to, in this case, 4 takeaways in around 30 minutes. Search for “3 in 30 Takeaways for Mom” on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts or you can link directly to the episode here http://3in30podcast.com/praise/

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