Episode 77 – Nikki Harmon, LMFT – Finding Happiness in The Hard

Ep77 Nikki Harmon, LMFT – Finding Happiness in The Hard

On August 3rd, 2018, Nikki Harmon, LMFT, posted what she thought was just another post on her personal challenge to post something daily to her professional Facebook page. She had no idea that her post, in which she vulnerably shares her experiences with discovering her first husband’s addiction just a few years into her marriage, and her feelings of betrayal, her divorce, raising two kids as a single mom, working, and going back to school, to a move away from family, the loss of her mother to cancer, a failed second marriage and more. Nikki’s post went viral, being shared thousands of times in just a few days as people connected with the honesty of her situation, that life is “full of hard,” but that the trick is “to learn to be happy in the hard.” In this episode of The Virtual Couch, Nikki talks about what she learned about “the hard” and she offers three takeaways of how we all can make it through our own “hards.” You can find Nikki on instagram at @havejoy_therapy and on Facebook @nikkiharmonlmft https://www.facebook.com/nikkiharmonLMFT

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