Episode 78 – What If Trying to Choose To Be Happy Isn’t Working?

Ep78 What If Trying to Choose To Be Happy Isn’t Working?

Plenty of well-meaning people in our lives try and motivate us by saying, “Just choose to be happy every day!” But why, then, isn’t it that easy? Why when many people try and choose to be happy, do they actually end up feeling worse? If you’ve ever experienced this, then please know that you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, you’re in the overwhelming majority of people that struggle with trying to choose happiness, and having it last. In this episode, Tony discusses a couple of studies that back up the fact that positive affirmations typically only work when the person already believes the idea that they are affirming, but when we try using them when we don’t believe the affirmation in the first place, that they can leave us feeling more lonely, and depressed. Susan David’s book Emotional Agility as well as Russ Harris’ The Confidence Gap and The Happiness Trap, are referenced in this episode.

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