Episode 82 Positive Parenting – Ralphie Jacobs From @SimplyOnPurpose

Ep82 Positive Parenting w/Ralphie Jacobs @SimplyOnPurpose

Ralphie Jacobs, whose popular Instagram account SimplyOnPurpose has a following (at this posting) of nearly 80,000 followers, joins me to talk about Positive Parenting. Ralphie, a mother of 4 girls, has a background in early childhood education. She moved from teaching children to teaching parents, as she felt a calling to teach people how to use their power as a parent to create a life full of purpose. Ralphie discusses the challenges of trying to stay positive when our kids are doing all that they can to push our buttons, and she answers some difficult parenting questions on the topics of homework, eating, procrastination and more. You can find Ralphie on Instagram at simplyonpurpose or at her Facebook page here on at her website here.

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