Episode 99 Eat Squat Mom’s Elisabeth Mortensen on Confidence, Body Image, and Finding What’s Right for YOU!”

Ep99 Eat Squat Mom’s Elisabeth Mortensen on Confidence, Body Image, Balance

Tony interviews Elisabeth Mortensen, better known as Eat Squat Mom (Instagram @eat.squat.mom). From Elisabeth’s website http://eatsquatmom.com “I have been on many fitness journeys over the last eight years and have striven for perfection each time. I have found that perfection doesn’t lie in what I see in the mirror but how I am as a mom, wife, friend, and most importantly a daughter of God. Finding the joy in my mommy lifestyle is living a HEALTHY, HAPPY and STRONG life.” Elisabeth and Tony discuss what true happiness is when it comes to your health, and why strict diet and exercise programs are not only difficult to stick to, but how they can eventually lead you down a path of guilt, and shame.

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