Episode 113 – The Bishop’s Strongest Tools to Help Addicts – My Interview on LeadingSaints.org

Ep113 The Bishop’s Strongest Tools to Help Addicts, Tony’s Interview on LeadingSaints.org

HEADS UP! ATTENTION! Please listen to this episode if you or ANYONE in your life has struggled with addiction. This episode contains an interview I did primarily targeted for LDS bishops (congregational leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) but I address how shame fuels addictions of all type, and more importantly how to fill the voids of life that lead to addictive behaviors. Please share with your local leaders or anyone you know who is struggling with addiction! “It’s difficult for the person to come in already so our main goal would be just letting them feel love and not shame.” The interview on the LeadingSaints.org site can be found here.  And special thanks to LeadingSaints.org’s executive director, Kurt Francom, for having me on his podcast and for his faith in me in asking me to be a part of his Leading Saints Professional Advisory Board. 

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