Episode 116 – What is Your Attachment Style? Understanding Attachment Patterns Can Impact Your Relationships.

Ep116 What is Your Attachment Style?

The way we interact with our current partners, children, or even work colleagues has a lot to do with how we attached to our primary caregivers as children. And understanding these “attachment styles” can ultimately lead to better relationships with those we care about. Are you anxious-preoccupied, having a negative view of yourself, but positive view of others? Or is dismissive-avoidant more your style, feeling good about yourself, but constantly annoyed with those around you? Or if you identify as fearful-avoidant, you may just feel that everyone is a threat! Ultimately how do we become more securely attached with others?


Elizabeth Saunders article can be found here Here’s a link to a test on attachment styles, but note it does cost money.

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