Episode 132 Is Gaslighting Always Intentional? Plus, More Real-life Gaslighting Examples!

132 Is Gaslighting Always Intentional?

The phrase “gaslighting” is making the rounds lately, and with the increased awareness around the term, many people are accusing their spouses, parents, and co-workers of gaslighting them in all areas of life. As a matter of fact, my wife even pointed out to me recently that technically I was doing it to her! And when I looked purely at the definition of gaslighting, she was right! But I promise I didn’t mean it! But is that what everybody would say? When confronted by someone who accuses you of gaslighting, would you stop and say “tell me what you’re hearing, I wasn’t aware of it if I was!?” Or would you tell the person that they’re crazy?

A lot of times, the accuser is correct, by definition, meaning yes, the person they are accusing may be trying to convince them that what they are saying isn’t true, but is gaslighting always intentional? Is it always mean, manipulative, or malicious? Or can gaslighting come from a place of simply being misunderstood? In today’s episode I cover an article on The Good Men Project’s website called: 4 Levels of Gaslighting: From Unconscious to Malicious by Paget Norton (who I am SO SORRY I didn’t do enough research on her and I may have said “he” when referring to her a time or two in her extremely helpful article), and I also give more listener examples of gaslighting.

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