The Virtual Couch Podcast Episode 1 – How to Talk to Teenagers

The first episode of my new podcast, The Virtual Couch, is available on iTunes and wherever else you go for your podcasts. In this inaugural episode I tackle the topic of how to effectively talk to your teenagers. You can find the episode here, and please be sure to subscribe, share, comment and rate in iTunes. Thank you!

1 thought on “The Virtual Couch Podcast Episode 1 – How to Talk to Teenagers”

  1. Hi Tony,
    Thank you for the information on how to talk to teens, I think it applies to both my kids and my relationship with my wife.

    On several podcasts you mention fixing and judgment statements and this podcast gives the most explanation on what that includes. Will you please give a few minutes in a future podcast to giving a broader explanation of what those look like and what they translate into to the other person? I have browsed the internet and you are about the only hit when searching for “fixing and judgement statements” and I can’t find a definition in Sue Johnson’s work (looking for a few minutes through a few books…) either.

    Thank you!

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