Virtual Couch Episode 33 – Lying, From Compulsive to Pathological, What We Know About Dishonesty

Ep33 Lying, From Compulsive to Pathological, What We Know About Dishonesty

Studies show that we tell lies every day. Some are simple, harmless white lies, “do these jeans make me look fat” but for some, lying is a compulsion, for others is may be signs of a personality disorder. In this episode Tony takes a look at why we lie, the types of lies we tell, what they tell us about the liar, and how we can try and bring more honesty into our lives. This episode is brought to you by Bloom for Women, a program developed specifically for women to help them recover from the trauma associated with betrayal, whether it be betrayal from a spouse who has a pornography or sex addiction, or from the emotional betrayal of an affair or compulsive lying. Please visit and use coupon code virtualcouch for one month of free access to their evidence-based programs, and community designed to help heal, and recover from betrayal trauma. This episode is also brought to you by Tony Overbay’s program for helping overcome pornography addiction, and finally by elis-extracts, the all-natural, organic shave cream scented with essential oils. Use coupon code virtualcouch for 25% off your entire order.

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