Episode 53 – Heather Robertson Creator of Halfsizeme.com Advice from Someone Who Lost 170 lbs


Heather Robertson is the creator of http://halfsizeme.com and she has worked with thousands of people to help them break their unhealthy relationships with food. Heather herself once weight in at 313 lbs after the birth of her first child, and it was at that time that she said she had finally had enough of the yo-yo dieting, and just feeling bad about herself, her weight, and her prospects of not being the mom that she always had dreamed of being, a mom who wasn’t sitting on the sidelines of her kids lives, but a mom who was actively a part of their lives. Heather’s story is one that I believe is familiar to many, and in this interview we try and and tackle some of the emotional challenges that she went through during her decades of struggling with her weight, what it finally took for her to start her weightloss journey and we answer a lot of questions that many people have about the challenges of dieting, and weight loss.


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