Episode 109 Brooke Romney on Parenting, “Repeat After Me, My Child is Not Perfect and Neither is Yours”

Ep109 Brooke Romney on Parenting

Brooke Romney is a writer, speaker, and a mother of 4 very active boys. A couple of years ago she wrote an article called “Repeat After Me, My Child is Not Perfect and Neither is Yours” which struck a chord with parents everywhere. She thought if she “mothered hard enough” that there was a chance that her kids would always be respectful, cringe at an A-, always be kind, do their hair and clean their room, compose their own music, not like sugar, take spirituality seriously and on the side start non-profits. What she found, however, is that no matter how hard she mothered, her kids were going to be not only kids but their own individual people. Tony and Brooke break down her article and talk about ways to stay positive even when parenting is difficult. You can find more of Brooke’s work at http://brookeromney.com/

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