Episode 115 – Developing Teen Girl Confidence/Healthy Social Media Skills w/Kim Partridge RN, Life Coach “Coach Kimmie”

Ep115 Developing Teen Girl Confidence/Healthy Social Media w/Kim Partridge RN, Life Coach “Coach Kimmie”

Tony Overbay, LMFT interview Kim “Coach Kimmie” Partridge, R.N. on The Virtual Couch podcast. Coach Kimmie, a registered nurse for 25 years and life coach, helps girls with teenage anxiety, and confidence issues, learn to “hush their inner critic and know that confidence is the ability to feel all of their emotions.”  They discuss the book “Enough As She Is” by Rachael Simmons and talk about how to intentionally navigate social media, how to talk about body image issues with your teen and why it is important to get out of your comfort zone on a daily basis.  

They talk about how to teach girls self-compassion as an alternative to self-criticism, how to manage overthinking,  and how to best resist the urge to compare themselves to friends and celebrities. You can learn more about Kim at http://kimmie.coach and Tony, and the Virtual Couch Podcast at http://tonyoverbay.com And Kim mentioned the Rejection Therapy TED Talk by Jia Jiang. Coach Kimmie says “The first person to hand you your daughter was a nurse. It’s time to hand her back to one to help her feel better about herself.”  

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