Episode 134 Early Riser, or Night Owl, Who is More Productive? Can You Change?

Ep134 Early Riser, Or Night Owl, Who is More Productive? And Can You Change?

Do you consider yourself a morning person, or a night owl? And who is more productive? More importantly, if you are a night owl but you want to become an early riser is that even possible? In this episode discover if the early bird, does, in fact, get the worm? And who performs better in school, and at work, the morning person, or the night owl? I refer to the article “Can You Will Yourself to Be a Morning Person?” by Bryan Borzykowski http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20141013-can-you-become-a-morning-person as well as Lisa Evan’s article from Fast Company titled “Turns Out that Morning People Are More Productive Than Night Owls https://www.fastcompany.com/90279079/turns-out-that-morning-people-really-are-more-productive-than-night-owls

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1 thought on “Episode 134 Early Riser, or Night Owl, Who is More Productive? Can You Change?”

  1. I love your podcast and have really learned a lot from listening to the things you discuss! I just wanted to chime in on this episode. As a night owl, I’m not sure my experience was adequately explained.

    From my experience, being a night owl is like a combination of having a longer circadian rhythm than everyone else around me, and also have a peak energy level that comes much later. It is as though I experience a 25-hour cycle in a 24-hour-day world. When everyone else is winding down and getting ready for bed, I have another good hour in me. And because my energy levels peak much later than most people’s, I am often at my most productive late at night. Fo me to go to bed with everyone else requires me to calm my body down when it’s at it’s peak. I lose productivity and/or the time when I’m my most happy.

    I could (and often do) choose to go to bed “early,” but to be clear, the productivity I lose late at night is generally not replaced by the equivalent amount of time in the morning. It’s not as much a matter of not choosing to be an early bird and a jump in productivity. It’s that my productivity occurs at a different time than everyone else’s.

    To me, it often feels like I’m jet-lagged and nobody else around me is. It’s like I’m from the time zone that is one hour earlier than everyone else. When I go with my own circadian rhythm (rather than fight against it) I end up staying awake about an hour later than everyone else. This makes me feel groggy and sleep-deprived for the majority of the following day, since I have to wake up with everyone else who lives in this time zone.

    Just wanted to chime in. Thanks for all you do!

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