Episode 153 10 Positive Parenting Tips with Ralphie Jacobs of Simply On Purpose

Episode 153 10 Positive Parenting Tips with Ralphie Jacobs, Simply On Purpose

Ralphie Jacobs, the positive parenting expert from Simply on Purpose IG @simplyonpurpose and Tony Overbay, LMFT, share their top 5 parenting tips plus, Ralphie sings the Jacobs family song!

Listen to Ralphie tell her story on her first visit to the Virtual Couch here http://www.tonyoverbay.com/2018/10/08/episode-82-positive-parenting-ralphie-jacobs-from-simplyonpurpose/

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2 thoughts on “Episode 153 10 Positive Parenting Tips with Ralphie Jacobs of Simply On Purpose”

  1. Justina Dawn ackroyd

    Just listening to this episode. I had to share one draw back to a family motto/theme/cheer/song. We had a family cheer that we always did each day after family prayer. Our dog started to anticipate the cheer and he’d bark and jump around and be quite irreverent during the prayer, which we just live with. The only thing is when missionaries come for dinner or some else we might have a prayer with, the dog goes crazy and it surprises everyone. We have tried to stop him, but he seems to know when we’re praying. We’ve tried talking as “regular” as we can. We’ve tried not closing our eyes. He knows though. It’s made for lots of laughs!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this story!! I know our dog can start growling during prayers as well and it definitely breaks up the mood a bit (makes me laugh every time!). He’ll bring a toy over and decide it’s time to play! But your example is the best, definitely a pavlovian response (get it, a little bit of pavlov’s dog!). Thank you so much for writing in!

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