Decreasing Anxiety During Anxious Times w/Dr. Mary Wilde

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Dr. Mary Wilde is a board-certified pediatrician, author, and mother of 8 who spends a lot of her time helping people decrease anxiety during anxious times. It’s fair to say that with the continuing information regarding COVID-19 coming from all angles these are truly anxious times. So what can you do to keep your own anxiety and fear in check? How does grounding yourself help put you in a better position to help those around you, your family, your children? And can a little bit of anxiety actually be good for you? In today’s episode of The Virtual Couch, Dr. Mary gives a brief overview of this latest coronavirus, COVID-19, and gives suggestions on ways that we can talk to our kids about all the changes and uncertainty in the world.


Dr. Mary also gives some great advice on how to make the most of the downtime not only for yourself but also for your family. She gives specific examples of how to use an integrative approach, tapping into your mind, your body and your spirit to help decrease anxiety during these anxious times. Dr. Mary has a WEALTH of resources and her own program for lessening anxiety on her website and you can find several links that she referenced during this episode below.


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Overcoming Childhood Anxiety" for kids, teens, & parents with Dr. Mary Wilde--an 8-week online course teaching mind, body, spirit strategies for dealing with anxiety & more

Free ADHD 5-Challenge with Dr. Mary Wilde and Dr. Lara Honos-Webb: a strength-based approach to ADHD w/ bonus session on optimizing the home learning environment during lockdown

Free ebook by Dr. Mary Wilde "Your Road to Calm: Stress Detox for the Modern Family"

Other resources:

CDC Website:

WHO Website:

Washington Post article explaining social distancing:

BrainsOn Podcast to Help Explain How Coronavirus is Spread:

Free resource to help kids learn to use imagery to reduce anxiety:

Yoga Channel for young kids:

Mindfulness Meditation with Dr. Tara Brach and a free half-day retreat resource for parents (If you have a parenting partner, take turns!)

Online scripture (Comment in the show notes to suggest others!)

Old Testament

New Testament



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