Ep127 Tony Reacts to the article “Why Do People Lie to Their Therapists” plus Habit Change, Narcissism, Gaslighting and More!

Posted by nealhooper40@gmail.com

If you have access to anyone under the age of 25 in your life, ask them about “reaction videos” and then watch their own reactions! Whether you love watching old people react to rap videos, or your favorite actor or musician react to people watching them perform, sites like YouTube are full of these reaction videos. Tony first answers a question about why it takes longer than 21 days to truly create a new habit (and where that myth comes from), and then he dives into the research behind reaction videos before creating his own reaction video! Tony reacts to a popular article making the rounds in the therapeutic community titled “Why Do People Lie to their Therapists?” by Sue Kolod, PhD.

You can see the video on the Virtual Couch YouTube channel, or there will be links from the Virtual Couch or the Tony Overbay Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Facebook pages, or by visiting tonyoverbay.com. And please take a second to subscribe, rate and review the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. And you can find out more about Tony’s “The Path Back” program at pathbackrecovery.com

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