Guys Only Emergency Episode! What's Your Intention? Gentlemen, Let's Step it Up!

Posted by nealhooper40@gmail.com

Gentlemen, guys, dudes, my brothers, it's time we take a step back and really look at what we're trying to accomplish in our marriages, in our relationships. What's your intention, is it to make our spouses, our kids, feel dumb when they try and communicate with us or is it to create an atmosphere where our kids and spouses feel like we are their rock, their secure place, their cheerleader, their wise old sage, their safe place? I need you to take a serious look in the mirror, own your part of your relationships and stop waiting for everybody else to do sometime, you have an incredible amount of power to not only improve your life but to watch your entire family system change for the better in the process. Let's do this!!

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