Therapy Session 1, Sitting in My Office to Talk About Pornography (For Addicts, Spouses, and Parents) Part 1 of 2

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I wanted to go a bit off-script in this 2-part episode to talk about what it would look like if you were coming to see me to talk about pornography addiction. Is it an addiction? Why is it a big deal? Is it a big deal? OK, fine, I got caught, or maybe even I turned myself in, but isn’t that enough? So sure, I’ve tried to stop looking at pornography a few times in the past, maybe even A LOT of times in the past, so why can’t I? In part 1 I talk about the effects of “sexualization” young, how it can slightly, or even radically, adjust the course of your adolescent, and teen years, to often cause you to be a bit more hyper-focused on sexuality. I talk about how having desire is completely normal, it’s part of who we are as human beings, but how over-focusing on sexuality often comes at the cost of neglecting other areas of life, primarily relationships, health, faith, friendships, goals based on your own unique personal values, all areas that lead to a more well-rounded human experience. I have found that the desire to continually turn back toward the instant gratification of pornography and/or compulsive sexual behavior comes from a “lack of” or a “void” in one's life. You can’t simply address the impulsive behaviors if you want to put them behind you, you also need to be nourishing and building the other areas of life, based on the unique traits and talents that you bring to the table.

You can learn more about my pornography addiction recovery program, The Path Back, at and more about the podcast at

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