Zebras, pots and spoonies oh my! What chronic pain sufferers wish you knew

Posted by tonyoverbay

Is chronic pain your mentor, or your master? Nicole Alldredge and Aisley Johnson, co-authors of The Mindflight Journal, join Tony Overbay, LMFT on episode 152 of the Virtual Couch Podcast. The Mindflight Journal was created to help you not only track your health, medication, and symptoms, but also take care of your mind through gratitude, growth, and creativity. You can find them on Instagram @mindflightjournal on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mindflightjournal/ or by going directly to http://mindflightjournal.com Use the code "virtualcouch" to receive a discount on your copy.

Nicole and Aisley layout their own journeys in researching, understanding, diagnosing and ultimately learning not only to live but to thrive with chronic pain and illness. They discuss how raising your "emotional baseline" can help you live a more fulfilling life, even while struggling with chronic pain. They also give tips on the best way you can empathize with, and support anyone who is dealing with a chronic illness or chronic pain.

Nicole and Aisley created the Mindflight Journal with the following mission in mind:

Our mission is to help people with chronic illness or paito take care of their mind and body through journaling. It is through our own journey with chronic illness that we have learned how important it is to track your own health and focus on what you can change through learning, thinking and writing.

Having chronic illness and pain is a difficult trial, but we know it can have a refining effect. We hope that this journal brings you peace, helps you grow and gives you a spark of excitement each time you open its pages to see what it has in store for you each day

The Mindflight Journal has a two-page spread for every day and will last 120 days. A free bookmark comes with each journal that allows you to easily track your medications.  Each journal is a cloth-covered, hardback book with a ribbon to mark your place.

For your health, each spread includes:

- a pain map

- health stats table

- medication table

- pain level scale

- symptoms/notes record


For your mind, each spread includes

- new quote

- unique, daily writing prompt

- daily challenge

- gratitude box

- to-do list

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