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Heads up! My battle with actinic keratosis!

NOTE - This post was originally on my personal blog back in 2012. I was writing a regular humor column for my local paper and had started putting my columns on my blog, so I decided to use that platform to walk people through my experience in having topical chemotherapy done on my head for […]

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Why The Big Uproar Over Ted Cruz's Twitter Account Favoriting a Pornographic Tweet

Recently, Senator Ted Cruz’s Twitter account favorited a tweet featuring hardcore pornography. Before I go any further, I think I would be fined by the internet if I passed up some comment about the way my previous sentence read, and it was written in the way that most media outlets have been writing it, as in his Twitter […]

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Why Men Fear Couples Counseling and How to Convince Them to Go

originally posted on on August 24, 2017 at Couples counseling saves marriages, but typically men aren't game, here's why and how to get them to come to counseling.  “She’s been to counseling a lot on her own, so she knows all the right things to say. I feel like she immediately gets the counselor […]

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Thank you for spilling the milk! A guide to better parenting.

One of my greatest parenting moments is when one of my kid’s friends are at the house and they spill something. It doesn’t matter if it’s a drink, or soup, it can be anything. Without exception the kid takes on an expression of sheer panic, looking around the room ready for the heckfire and darnnation […]

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Following a Calling Led to The Path Back

Yesterday I was sent a few questions from a grad student in a local counseling program, she wanted to interview me for a project about why people choose therapy as a career. One of the questions was simply “why did you want to be a therapist?” I only had a few minutes to try and […]

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No Correct Way to Grieve, You're Missed Coach!

I wanted to quickly share my appreciation for Coach Steve Jacobs and the entire Jr. Zebra football organization for allowing me to participate in their first night back to practice Monday night, it was the first time on the field since the tragic passing of Coach Eric Morales last Thursday evening. I was asked to […]

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Pornography Addiction Recovery 101 - Sorry no Magic Beans!

A few months ago I had a client who came in looking for help overcoming an addiction to pornography. As is typically the case, he was first exposed to pornography when he was very young, around 10 or 11, and from that point the wiring in his brain started heading down a path of seeking […]

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The Banana in the Room

Yesterday I stopped at the store on the way into my office for a bunch of bananas, my go to quick lunch these days is an Adams's all-natural, crunchy peanut butter sandwich with a cut up banana (for the record, I've never tried a grilled peanut butter and banana, rumored to be a favorite of […]

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January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month Here is an article on human sex trafficking and how it relates to pornography.

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The Great Porn Experiment

TEDx Talk – The Great Porn Experiment Ted Talk by retired physiology teacher, Gary Wilson. He explains how far reaching porn has become in our modern world. See the video here.

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